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The key to successful branding is differentiation. That is, separating your brand from the pack of competitors.

Ideally, your prospects, clients, and employees will see, understand, and feel your brand. They’ll be compelled to choose it, and loyal enough not to be lured away.

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Branding is a business initiative—no, make that the strategic business initiative—behind differentiation, client loyalty, and, ultimately, market leadership. It starts in your organization, and if executed properly, makes its way to your clients in all communications.

Think of your brand as an expression of your organization’s values, culture, and people. It needs to be distinctive, and should represent your organization in the most positive way. What is your brand’s personality? How does it behave? Is it a boss or a team player? Is it loud and cheerful, or wise and calm? These are the keys to developing a consistent, impenetrable brand.

Brand Positioning

The most successful brands “own” a word or phrase, and a related space in their clients’ minds. For example, FedEx owns the word “overnight.” The key is to support your business strategy with a position that is true, believable, and sustainable. It’s all about staking a claim where other brands can’t compete.

We develop brand strategies that support your company’s purpose. And we support those strategies with taglines that crystalize your brand’s essence into a memorable statement.

Brand Identity

Your brand represents your organization’s reputation through its very purpose—along with its attributes, values, and passions. This sums up your brand identity. It’s easy to recognize successful brands because their identities are represented consistently across all digital assets, including websites, email communications and social media, not to mention traditional tactics such as direct mail, trade shows, and internal communications.

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