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Digital marketing is moving more quickly than ever before.

We pride ourselves on helping you plan for the digital road that lies ahead. We spend our time analyzing new trends, new technology, and new ways to help you meet your goals. Brand awareness. Lead generation. Thought leadership. In the end, you’ll have a powerful brand, loyal client relationships, and a high ROI.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

It takes a strong digital marketing strategy to transform your business objectives into reality. The solution can be found where data, technology, creative, and marketing converge.

We immerse ourselves in the lives of your potential clients, uncovering their predispositions and motivations. Armed with these insights, our digital marketing strategists create plans to shift their behavior.

Here are some techniques we use to secure your ROI in every digital marketing strategy.

Paid Media

From social promotion to search ads, paid media is the backbone of any client-acquisition campaign. At thinkdm2, we craft memorable and unique messages that engage your potential clients. Plus, we combine our extensive list of media relationships with our expertise in SEO, SEM, and analytics. We do more than simply buy media. We uncover opportunities and reach target audiences.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns build brand awareness, publish company news, distribute promotional offers, and generate leads. In all cases, they should engage clients and prospects.

We rely on experience and expertise to create the most precise, persuasive email campaigns. Considering today’s hypersensitivity to spam, this is critical. Any email campaign that comes up short—in terms of design, distribution, or message—will drive away potential business and relegate future messages to the spam folder.

Content Marketing

Your content is how you engage your clients—and how your clients interact with your brand. Still, even the most exceptional content needs to be strategic to be effective.

A well-constructed marketing strategy presents the most relevant, effective, and appropriate content to the user—at the right time, and on the right device—while supporting your strategic objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A strong SEO strategy is an integral part of your B2B marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for visibility, leads, clients, or supporters, our SEO strategies can help you realize—and surpass—your goals.

Thinkdm2, a HubSpot Agency

Thinkdm2 will work with your team to develop and deploy a strategic Inbound Marketing program focused on driving business value for your organization. The program focuses on attracting visitors, converting visitors into leads, closing leads into customers, and reducing customer churn (or increasing lifetime value) with retention focused campaigns driven by compelling and genuinely helpful content.

Video Development

“Silo’ed” advertising is a thing of the past. Media is cross-pollinating, and video—in all of its forms, including animation—is now one of the industry’s most influential mediums. With cutting-edge technology, blazing Internet speeds, ubiquitous streaming, and countless portals, there’s simply no denying the power of the moving image.

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