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Building a compelling and intuitive user experience is vital to your company’s online success.

The foundation of all of our work is your digital home: your web presence. We combine your brand strategy with data insights and analytics to craft websites and landing pages that work. Your website will not only showcase your products and services, they’ll include calls-to-action that generate responses.

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Information Architecture

Once we’ve established the look, feel, and substance of your website, we work with you to build a mock-up of every page within it. Preliminary stages include wireframes and sitemaps to establish the breadth and depth of the site. This is the point at which we build an information hierarchy—cutting, adding, and merging pages—and when we ensure the site architecture will support your brand message.

User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)

We build user experiences that are simple, intuitive, and engaging. Our goal is to convert visitors into loyal, registered clients. We also aim to optimize your website’s performance, and to implement web features that enhance the user experience. We always deploy UX/UI best practices, such as:

  • Screen-optimized designs
  • Animations and transitions
  • Finger-friendly design elements
  • Color theory principles
  • Intuitive structure
  • Accessible copy with limited jargon

You can see some of our user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design services by visiting our portfolio page.


At thinkdm2, we pride ourselves on building solid, standards-based websites that are compatible with modern browsers and operating systems. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 9+, and current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We test all sites to ensure optimal performance across all common browsers and devices.

Our custom front-end frameworks are built with the latest Bootstrap tools (combining HTML, CSS, and Javascript code). And our back-end content management systems (CMS) free you to manage your own site, post-launch.

We often recommend using Wordpress as a CMS because of its ease of use, quick customization, and rapid deployment of patches that combat security issues. As always, when we use Wordpress, we adhere to best practices in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. And we customize database themes and queries to fit your business.

SEO-friendly Development

Thinkdm2 incorporates Google Analytics into your site to monitor site activity—and generate powerful reports.

We design all of our sites to be search-engine friendly. Page titles, meta-descriptions, and keywords are modified on a page-by-page basis. URLs are easily read and contain valuable keywords.

Thinkdm2 will work with your team to develop and deploy a strategic Inbound Marketing program focused on driving business value for your organization. The program focuses on attracting visitors, converting visitors into leads, closing leads into customers, and reducing customer churn (or increasing lifetime value) with retention focused campaigns driven by compelling and genuinely helpful content.

Inbound Methodology is composed of four distinct phases. Our strategy at any given point in time will focus on the phase that we collaboratively determine will be of highest impact.

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight

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