Internet of Things Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaking up the tech world as billions of devices go online and new industries throw their hat into the ring.

Predictions are running wild with the popular belief that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, which is a stretch, according to this IEEE post. Regardless of predictions, Internet connected smart devices is a growing industry with as many marketing pitfalls as there are business opportunities.

Internet of Things Marketing Strategy

So how can you get a competitive edge in marketing your IoT products and services?

Well, even though well-established companies are poised to take advantage of their experience, no one is guaranteed a lock on any market, business segment, or trend. The good news is that bigger doesn’t always mean better in the Internet of Things ecosystem. The rapid growth of IoT will lead to a need for niche expertise and tailored applications that serve specific verticals. That’s what makes IoT an exciting yet challenging landscape to navigate.

Who Will Thrive in the World of IoT?

The companies that will thrive in IoT are the ones who can effectively message their value proposition to customers, address changing market trends, and attract investors. At thinkdm2, we believe that starts by identifying a unique position that aligns with your business strategy and putting an aggressive and creative IoT Marketing strategy behind it.

With Internet of Things marketing, that means keeping your eye on all parts of the ecosystem to ensure you’re bringing the greatest value to your customers. Small and specific, or large and platform-driven, you really need to understand where your company fits, and where the market and messaging opportunities for IoT exist.

IoT Marketing Experience and Expertise

Thinkdm2 has over 10 years of experience helping IoT companies find their unique positioning in the market, so your buyers will fully understand what benefits your technologies bring and why they should purchase from you.

Thinkdm2 can help you establish brand awareness and thought-leadership, generate leads, help you launch or market a new/existing product; create sales and implement enablement campaigns.

Because thinkdm2 is a B2B-focused digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for technology companies, we can tackle your IoT Marketing challenges via strategy, digital tactics (websites, video, emails, etc), traditional (direct mail, advertising, environmental), inbound marketing (content creation, blogging, ebooks, etc.) and more.

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